No Happy Nonsense
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Puttin' Stuff on the Walls

After a few days of manically updating the site and cobbling together CSS as best as my dumb-brain could, I'm done with reformatting the site.

Nothing major by way of content updates, just look and feel things, some guts of how the site operates, etc.

Wanted the site to be wider, and have a soft yellow background. I tried to make it work better on mobile, but I'm pretty much resigned at this point to having it always look jank at best on phone. I doubt many folks who make their own Neocities sites do so on their phone anyway, and fellow creators seems to be my main audience.

I'm still doing some of the background final touches to make sure everything is in working order, so if you find a 404 or something that looks super shitty instead of regular shitty, drop me a line and let me know. You will receive 5 No-Happy Points which can be redeemed in the NHN-e-Shop for exclusive giveaways.