No Happy Nonsense

Everything Happens in March

March 30th, 2023 | Non-Fiction

Today is opening day if you're a baseball fan. If you're not a baseball fan it is Thursday.

I noticed the other day that everything seems to happen in March now. I didn't believe it at first, but the evidence seems to be pretty damning:

March 2019:
• Visit South Africa, hang with zebras.
• Feel happiest in my life, full of energy.
• Grow tired of the corporate grind, quit my job.
• Create Hastiest Handiwork (which eventually turns into this site).

March 2020:
• Lockdown for covid, hang with my wife 24/7/forever in our apartment.
• Learn how to make food: bagels, donuts, pizza, empanadas, pop tarts, cakes, etc.
• Ear Rat Mag is first formed and briefed.

March 2021:
• Still isolating, fearful and depressed.
• Really good at bagels now.
• Panic attacks nightly for a few months.
• Vaccine appointment on the horizon.

March 2022:
• Not isolating, but avoiding as much of everything as we can.
• Buy a house, somehow.
• Get hired back at the company I quit three March's ago.

March 2023:
• Worn out from pandemic.
• Decide to get back into the world, fill the cup back up.

I'm not really sure what comes next but I'm going to post here more regularly and hopefully with things a bit more coherent and entertaining than this list. Everything happens in March now, so this month was the only time I could decide to do this.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.