No Happy Nonsense

burning miles2023.01.29

Yesterday I surprised myself by putting up 14 miles during a run. I ran 5 miles out to a small park + trail system to meet my brother in law, then ran ~3 miles through the trails with him, then ran another 5 miles back home, taking a detour at the end to get the extra mile.

I've run longer distances before obviously, but I was feeling pretty worn down from this week and it felt good to push it. It's been 30's and 40's most days, so running has been relatively easy from a weather standpoint so far.

This Winter has been mild for the East Coast, a few days of snow and maybe a week/week and a half of temps 20° or lower. I wonder if this is part of the new normal now. If the cold snaps and months of snow on the ground will no longer be something I experience while living in my home state. It's great to not have to deal with ice and snow and slush and your breath in the air, but it also feels like a scary harbinger of worse things to come.

Apparently NJ is warming up faster than any other state in the US.