No Happy Nonsense


Had an interview today for a job I don't want.

It went well, I hope they don't make an offer.

january in summary2023.02.01

January was a pretty good month:

• I ran 198 miles (if I realized this yesterday, I would've jogged out the extra two, but alas)

• I read 11 books:

• I met up with my brother in law on three weekends, we went for easy runs through trails.

• I found a new big trail system somewhat nearby my house.

• I watched 12 NFL playoff games, and constantly wondered why I did.

Some habits that I still need to get off the ground:

Not a bad month, though. I haven't read this many books in a month since my college days. I have had more free time than usual admittedly, but most of my reading has been super early in the morning and then later on at night after dinner. Some of the books also really grabbed me so I decided to dedicate more of my free time to reading as I really enjoyed them.

Ideally my mileage would be closer to 250mi/month but Winter is always hard, so I'm happy with this total.

I'd like to start tracking obscure things about my life for these monthly summaries, that could be fun. I'll have to keep a log.

Onward, onward.

burning miles2023.01.29

Yesterday I surprised myself by putting up 14 miles during a run. I ran 5 miles out to a small park + trail system to meet my brother in law, then ran ~3 miles through the trails with him, then ran another 5 miles back home, taking a detour at the end to get the extra mile.

I've run longer distances before obviously, but I was feeling pretty worn down from this week and it felt good to push it. It's been 30's and 40's most days, so running has been relatively easy from a weather standpoint so far.

This Winter has been mild for the East Coast, a few days of snow and maybe a week/week and a half of temps 20° or lower. I wonder if this is part of the new normal now. If the cold snaps and months of snow on the ground will no longer be something I experience while living in my home state. It's great to not have to deal with ice and snow and slush and your breath in the air, but it also feels like a scary harbinger of worse things to come.

Apparently NJ is warming up faster than any other state in the US.


another new day2023.01.27

Well, this is a new look. Hello and welcome, etc etc.

I was working on a new project, Books In a Dumpster at the end of last year/the beginning of this year. It was a book review newsletter/substack page. I liked doing it but I gave up on it. I did enjoy the reviews I made for it, though, so I recreated them on this site. You can find them here:

Recreated Reviews:

I'm still reading and reviewing lots of books, but I'm just doing quick, informal reviews in secret on the site here. Maybe I'll publish them out at some point, but for now I'm enjoying just doing it for me.