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Race Checklist and Anxiety: Backyard Squatch Ultra

August 26th, 2022 | Makin' this so I don't forget anything

Tomorrow I'm running a race called the "Backyard Squatch Ultra" which is organized by Sassquad Trail Running and will be the most challenging run I've participated in to date. The format of the race, which is referred to as a "Backyard Ultra" was created by Gary "Lazarus Lake" Cantrell. Runners run 4.1667 miles every hour on the hour, with any remainder time within a given hour spent waiting/recovering in camp until the next hour begins. There is no set time/distance to the race; the race continues until all runners except one drop out. All runners DNF the race except for the winner.

My wife will be crewing for me, supported later on in the race by my parents if I'm still trucking along after about 10 hours or so. We're taking a fair amount of gear/food/camp with us to facilitate both myself and my wife for an undetermined amount of time to be out running/camping with no amenities other than (thank god) true flushing toilets. As such, there is a mighty check list of gear to prep and things to do. I'm using this as a place to organize everything.

Gear and Prep Checklist

1) Charge the following: ☑

2) Set up Canopy w/Mosquito Tent (Rehearsal) and

3) Make sure Giant Cooler and Table and Tent fit in car together and and

4) Re-familiarize headlamp clicky clicky operations ☑

5) Create every-loop-checklist to evaluate runner's status ☑

6) Re-check First Aid Kit contents, amend as needed. ☑

7) Add to Camp Gear: ☑

8) Buy/Pack: ☑

9) Do laundry to clean current running kit ☑

10) Add reflective tape to old, beat up high vis/reflective vest

11) Pack all running clothes + extra shoes + warmer clothes (non-running) ☑

12) Are the camp chairs in the trunk? ☑ yep they are

13) Taper Run Thursday: 2 Super Easy Miles ☑

14) Taper Run Friday: 1 Super Easy Mile ☑

15) Get Hyped: ☑

16) Buy 2-3 bags of ice from QuickChek ☐

17) Giddy up, cowboy ☐

Race report + pictures + videos (maybe) to be posted next Friday.

Thank you for reading.
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