No Happy Nonsense

Braiding Sweetgrass / Robin Wall Kimmerer

January 17th, 2022 | Quick Thoughts

It's a series of essays about Indigenous culture both modern and historical, about living in reciprocity with the Earth, about what being a good mother means, about how to teach kids that the Earth can provide everything we need, about how to clean a pond.

Kimmerer evokes emotions in this book I haven't felt for quite a while; a deep, hard-wired connection with the planet and to think of living things as beings, not things. To think of yourself as a care taker of the Earth, because in living with reciprocity, the Earth takes care of you. I don't think I'll ever own land in upstate New York, pulling up invasive species to make room for native wildflowers, but dang, maybe I want to now.

Given the nigh-apocalyptic projections of our planet over the next 30 years thanks to climate change, everyone should read this book and meditate deeply on the messages it offers.

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