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Norse Mythology / Neil Gaiman

February 9th, 2022 | Quick Thoughts

Aside from a very cursory knowledge of Odin, Thor and Loki based entirely on the Marvel adaptations of the characters, I basically know nothing about Norse (or Greek/Roman) mythology. A lot of it is super weird, which I dig. Like Thor has two giant goats who pull his chariot, and if he's hungry and without food he can just slaughter them, skin them, and then save all the bones after eating them, and then bundle the skin and bones together and say some magic prayer and the goats come back to life.

I like weird stuff like that. I guess Marvel can't really have Thor do crazy shit and still be four-quadrant-friendly.

Lots of weird/illogical things happen in basically every story in the book. Loki is repeatedly cited as being super clever and smart, but most of his ruses are just him shapeshifting into an animal or a person and doing something to purposefully fuck up someone else from fulfilling their deal with the gods. I guess when there are no rules to the world in terms of what's possible, turning into a horse and fucking another one to prevent some dude from building a gigantic wall on time counts as "cleverness."

But honestly, the book is good. Gaiman's writing is simple to the point that I got a little self-conscious about if this book was meant for children or not. I don't see that as a bad thing; I think it really shows how fine a writer he is that he can craft such engrossing tales in the simplest prose, while still having moving passages.

But seriously, Loki turned into a horse and fucked another horse.

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