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Book Haul: November 4th, 2023

November 16th, 2023 | Buying More Shit

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"Behold, the fruits of my unending labor..."

About two weeks ago I was able to visit two used book sales on the same day. One was small and ugly, a few book carts filled in the center of a random basement room with folding tables creating a perimeter which had assorted genres no one is interested in; westerns, childrens holiday, graphic books that are not comics nor art books, fifty shades of grey. Though it was minute and hideous, the carts were filled with gold and I grabbed 6 or 7 books from the sale.

The second sale was in a nearby cityish place and had one of the most beautiful and grandiose libraries I've ever seen. Their basement (book sales at libraries are always in the basement) was labyrinthian and bright white, the sale area was a room bigger than my house, with at least 10 double side floor-to-ceiling shelves that were all fully loaded with books for sale. I spent an hour inside the maze of pulp and felt and barely made a dent.

When my shopping spree was over and I was eating falafel at some place where the worker genuinely hated their existence on that day, I had purchased 23 books for 35 dollars. I'm not good at math but even a legally deceased person such as myself can figure out that I spent less than 2 dollars per book.

I'm most excited for all of the books. But in the interest of highlighting one or two, here are one or two that I am highlighting:

Weird But True Toon Factoids by Craig Yoe is one of those books of yesteryear that little kids would find in their elementary school library and obsess over for the entire school year. It provides weird little "true" "facts" about fictional characters and it's just stupid nonsense and it's amazing.

An excerpt from the book, showing one of the "facts"

For the second highlight, The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes:

It's exactly what it sounds like. It's a tomb of anecdotes from famous people. That's it. Pithy little musings, or awkward encounters, or people coughing up blood and saying "oh no, I'm dying." I love a good quote and/or anecdote so this was a no-brainer for me. No-brainer was also my nickname in high school because of my unbelievably bad performance on every exam I ever took.

(Also, yes I bought a dictionary. Flipping through a dictionary and just finding a word at random and getting lost like that is extremely fun and if you disagree you are entitled to that because everyone can have their own opinion but you are objectively wrong.)

Thank you for reading.
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