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New Books: Eddie the Office Goblin / Chris Russ

November 21st, 2023 | Indie Comics, Hoo!

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Got this in the mail the other day. Super stoked to read it, because I relate to both goblins and office workers.

Official Copy:

Eddie the Office Goblin follows an increasingly beleaguered goblin as he spirals through a ghoulish workplace and comes face to face with murderous amphibians, skelicopters, depression, swamp monsters, and human resources. This comic takes the metaphysical dread of office life and translates it into something fantastical. Instead of performance evaluations there are lava sharks. Instead of cramped elevators there are interdimensional portals. Will Eddie find some meaning in his life? Or at least find a new job?

Review to come, maybe here, maybe elsewhere?

Maybe an interview too?

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