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Matrix / Lauren Groff

January 15th, 2023 | Quickish Thoughts

Marie is sent to live at an abbey full of nuns. Exiled without being exiled, she is a somewhat highborn woman (her mother was raped and had her) that is in love with the Queen, but is unrequited. It seems the Queen thinks of her mostly as something to play with during idle moments. Marie's mother and family were crusaders, women warriors who fought the righteous fight but ultimately didn't make it all the way to Jerusalem.

Marie arrives at the abbey and begins her new life.

Edit: Originally I had the entirety of the plot written out here, recalling it directly onto the digital page after I finished reading the book. That's what most of these "reviews" on my site are; just me recalling what I can after reading a given book and trying to hold onto that "just finished a good book" feeling a little longer. Or it's some curt thing where I didn't like a book and was like "yeah it's a book innit?"

Anyway, I had the whole thing for Matrix written out but I decided to remove it because I thought this book was so fucking good that I don't want anyone to get spoiler'd by some dumb website by some dumb guy in New Jersey. This book freakin' rocks and you should read it.

Yes, you.

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