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New Books: LAN PARTY & The Adventures of the Unemployed Man / Erich Origen and Gan Golan

November 24th, 2023 | Even the Coffee Shops Sell Me Books

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Look at how absolutely dope this mailer box is, hot damn.

Got Lan Party in the mail the other day, ordered from Volume through their pre-order/pledge funding thing.

Official Copy:

Transport yourself back to the golden era of multiplayer PC gaming, when the internet was a place you built with your friends and the only in-game purchases were pizza deliveries. Ad hoc and adventurous, sweaty, and unsupervised, LAN (local area network) parties embodied an open and optimistic era in computing that's been forgotten in today's always-online digital world. Featuring personal recollections alongside hundreds of crowdsourced photographs ranging from kitchen-table gatherings to massive convention hall-filling tournaments, LAN Party will bring you back to the Mountain Dew-fueled glory days of gaming.

I spent a good portion of my high school life in various LAN parties with my friends, so I'm excited to get into this and re-live the glory days. Well, no they weren't glory days, but they were fun and full of Domino's and Mountain Dew. They were actually kinda gross. The ugly days.

Somehow, a second book appeared

I ran over to the local coffee shop to get a pair of matcha lattes for me and my wife, and I noticed they now have a little comics for sale section up front. The place is a good spot, it's got racks and racks of vinyls for sale and they host local bands on the weekends and I feel older than dirt whenever I go in there. The price seemed good so I grabbed this book while waiting for the drinks:

Official Copy:

MAIN STREET, USA-Against incredible odds, jobless crusader UNEMPLOYED MAN and his sidekick PLAN B embark on a heroic search for work-and quickly find themselves waging an epic battle against The Just Us League, a dastardly group of supervillains including THE HUMAN RESOURCE, TOXIC DEBT BLOB, PINK SLIP and THE INVISIBLE HAND.

I am not safe anywhere, the books demand to be purchased.

Thank you for reading.
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