No Happy Nonsense

Day: 4
Date: 04/14/2022
Distance: 4.01
Duration: 0:39:37
Details: Legs still felt tired, left knee felt tight all day. Decided to do a short recovery run. It was 81 degrees when I left the apartment, K left a few minutes before me to drive to the park and then walk around the paved pathways there. I modified my route to run around said park and come in from the back.

I was somewhere around 3.2 miles when I got over there and saw K, she was walking back to her car already. She told me that the lighting alarm that the baseball field has had just gone off, so she was getting outta there. I looked up and noticed the sky looked grey and angry. I ran back home from the park on the most direct route, rain started to drizzle as I crossed the street to get to our apt building. K was waiting outside for me, we walked in together.

I've missed days like this, glad to have one back. Looking forward to more to come.