No Happy Nonsense

Day: 09
Date: 05/31/2022
Distance: 6.10 miles
Duration: 0:59:30
Ascent: 547 feet
Descent: 426 feet
Details: My knee was bothering me a little bit all day. Mostly going down stairs, I could feel it sort of tighten and click on the bend and weight placement, something like that anyway. Nothing serious, just annoying. I decided to get some miles in anyway, as one does when attempting a streak. The first two or three I could feel my knee, I was worried it'd stay bad. But then I numbed out, either my knee stopped hurting or I stopped feeling it. Either way, I cruised the next few miles all the way back home. The weather was hot but my body is adjusting to it. Summer is coming, I plan to be ready.