No Happy Nonsense

run out the door so fast, my face morphed

Day: 051
Date: 07/12/2022
Distance: 1.05 miles
Duration: 0:09:04
Ascent: 190 feet
Descent: 200 feet
Details: I had planned on doing at least a 6 mile run, but we had to get over to the Fedex store to ship something out before it closed at 7:00, and had some other errands to run. On the drive back home you could feel the moisture in the air, the grey skies alluding to the coming downpour. I love that overcast before rain feeling; when you someone know it's going to rain at any moment.

When we got back into the house I took all the things out of my pockets, ran upstairs, swapped my regular watch for my running watch, and headed out immediately, trying desperately to beat the rain. I was wearing uncomfortable shorts, a regular t-shirt, and my red van low cut shoes.

At 0.52 miles, the rain started. I turned around, and ran back home in the pouring rain. My breath was ragged from going from full rest to fast pace run basically at the drop of a hat, but I survived. The streak lives on for another day.