Successful Politician
August 24th, 2020

"Mr. Mayor, excuse me Mr. Mayor, please, do you have any comment on the recent goings-on within the city? Many citizens feel you haven't done your duty responsibly as a --"

"Oh, really? And what exactly do the citizens feel like I've done wrong, Ms. ..." "Jensen. Margaret Jensen. I've interviewed you thrice this year. As for the citizens, the packs of wild mutated birds that fly and hover above the city and swoop down in unison to attack citizens, the black discharge coming out of all of the faucets in the downtown district, the notorious mobster known as "The Glory" who literally walks around the streets with a gang of men gunning people down for no reason, the radioactive emissions that at first went completely unreported and then were denied by our administration, the detonation of explosives for uncited reasons by the police in the middle of Ramsack park in the middle of the night, the--"

"Are we a perfect society, Ms. Janson? No. But ask me another thing that you're conveniently forgetting."

"What's that sir."

"Have taxes gone up even a cent this whole time? I think not. You're welcome."