Running with Dennis
May 14, 2020

i had an odd dream last night:
an old friend was running some kind
of long-distance run mixed with
an obstacle course of sorts.

it spanned a far distance,
i didn't know how far,
but i could sense the great
length of the race.

it was a duos run;
teams of two,
and i didn't recognize
his partner.

i ran behind them,
i was very far away
but they were close
in my vision.

the partner gave up,
and without saying anything
i became my friend's partner,
and i began hopping through
a river that was pocked
with floating platforms.

i had a book in my hand
the entire time.

my friend went a different
and we nodded to each other
as i got out of the river
and started running up a hill
that was an insane angle,
like 45 degrees.
or more.

and then i woke up,
and we're still
no longer friends.