Hero's Death
August 4th, 2020

"How far do you think I could throw this rock, LF?" Armstrong hunched down and picked up the stone, jagged and chunky in his hand. He came back upright and tossed the rock a few inches into the air and caught it, all the while smiling at Lightfoot.

"I don't know how far you can throw it, but I know I'll be waiting to catch it." Lightfoot looked at Armstrong and returned an equally big and bright smile. The two stood in anticipation for a moment, neither wanting to budge first. Lightfoot broke the gap casually, taking a step forward and looking down in the dirt for a rock. "Maybe I'll find one and we'll see who can throw farth--"

A crashing boom emitted from Armstrong's hand as he released the stone, thrown at full-force diretly at Lightfoot's stomach, piercing through it like a shotgun slug and exploding his guts all over the ground in all directions, some 50 feet outward. Lightfoot fell to the ground and let out a gasp of air in a strange, moeaning noise. "Fucking rookies," Armstrong said as he looked down for another rock.