Notice of Safety
August 14th, 2020

Please be careful, falling stones may fall, and if when they fall they are stones, they can weigh up to 300KG.

A falling stone of this size will almost instantly kill you. That is not to rule out that perhaps, say, a falling stone could land on your leg, crushing your fibula, ripping open your leg, and causing you a slow painful death from loss of blood. It is possible that you could go into shock and die while in a state of unconsciousness.

Falling stones are only dangerous however if they are:
a) falling and
b) stones

If the stones should change their material state of existence into another substance, chocolate pudding, for example, they are reduced in lethality by serveral magnitudes. This is not to say that falling pudding is not dangerous, just that in the realm where one could choose, it is assumed that one would choose falling pudding over falling stones.

Please be careful. Thank you.