Meeting at the Saloon
May 12, 2020

"death's been lookin' for me ... lookin' for me for years. heh. i told 'em--i told 'em that he already came for my ma and pa, and if he ever came back 'round that i'd have my hunk of iron ready to deal with 'em. and that fucker ain't been around here ever since then, i tell ya. i'm jack springfield and i'm the man who scared off death! who's gonna buy me a round?"

"i'd like to, pardner."

"well then put down your coin friend, so smitty here can get me a proper dri--"

"but first i've got this scythe here, and although i told her we would wait, she's hungry for blood. i tried to calm her down but she has a mind of her own when it comes to drinking dead men. 'specially those who run their mouths."