May 18, 2020

"so yeah, i don't know. i did what i had to do, ya know? there were people everywhere. everywhere. this big fleshy mass of panic and a slow-motion chaotic movement. i was part of it. i was in there, a cog of meat in the blood grinder. it's like that old joke, 'you're not stuck in traffic, you are traffic.' well, yeah. i was part of the swarm.

"i saw the guy slip and fall, he was a few layers in front of me. but if i had stopped, i would've hit the ground too. nothing to do but look down and try to avoid stepping on the poor bastard. i tried to sort of hop over him to avoid stepping on his head, ended up crunching down on his knuckles. i heard a sort of yelp from him, but the wave was already beyond him and there's nothing to do when you're stuck in a riptide but go with it.

"my wife, afterwards, she said she saw the EMTs come in. heard from some other customers that a man had died. she sort of sat there in shock and asked aloud if this all was worth it.

"i told her that of course it was worth it ... we've got six 18-packs of toilet paper and 50 pounds of flour. we can live like kings now."