The Ozone
August 17th, 2020

Yesterday I found a ghost after looking for twelve years.

Ghosts scare us because they make us recount the distance between ourselves when we saw the ghost alive and when we see them dead.

Twelve years have been kind to me. The first six were cruel but the second six ended up incredible. I don't know how it all averages out in reality, like was me being miserable, lying on the floor, crying my eyes out and wondering what the purpose of my useless life is on some random Tuesday in 2011 worth it to eventually spend all day with the person I love most, sit and relax in the park, eat delicious food and get a little buzzed at some bougie vegan spot, then meet friends and have a great night on some equally random day last year?

I think most people would say yeah it was definitely worth it, but the ghosts make you remember the sadness with a lot more clarity.