Tonius and the Lava Golem
August 27th, 2020

"Hey, did you hear what happened to Tonius? I wouldn't want to be him right now!"

"Yeah, that was crazy. I can't believe Mr. Torsun would allow a second year to try out a conjuration spell like that, but also like, how do you not explicitly say like 'use this spell and this spell only' or something like that? The odds of a familial connection to the Realm of Holding are super low but like, why not just negate that entirely?"

"Wait, what? I meant that Sandriana ended things with him, what are you talking about, exactly? Tonius summoned something?"

"Dude, Tonius accidentally summoned a Lava Golem into Torsun's classroom and was burned to death by a hot lava expulsion from the golem."

"What the fuck..."

"Torsun contained the rest of it and got everyone out but Tonius is fuckin' dead, dude."