Working Out
May 09, 2020

i've been doing push-ups every day for the past couple of weeks. when i first started i could only do a few, but now i can do over 50 before failing.

i try to do them as quickly as possible. that's the secret. speed. you have to trick your body, your arms and your chest, your guts, your heart, you trick 'em all into not having time to think about how bad they hurt or how tired they are, just keep going.

the other trick is that it's not you going up and down, it's the floor. you're pushing the floor, the building you're in, the land mass you're one, the fucking planet, you're moving it all up and then down again, over and over. but you have to do it really fast. one time i tried to do it slowly and my arms popped off, fell to the floor and started spasming like fishes out of the ocean. they flailed around until i stomped on them with my feet and got them back into socket.

don't do push-ups slowly.